Samstag, 7. April 2012

weekend drawing class march 2012

marcel and me - marcel finished off the drawing... merci for the beard marcel

me and marcel, I finished off our portrait

me and gern/thomas

another awesome exercise of agnes: we made portraits of each other, but exchanged the drawings several time, always adding lines and changing the drawing of our own portrait to mix it with new bits and pieces of our vis-à-vis

all those drawings were made under the intuitive and sensitive guidance of agnès montmayeur, a peinter and illustrator living in lyon. we were a group of 15 people, workers of folimage, teamto and other artists from valence drawing together each other or the model during a whole weekend. thanks a lot to Agnès, Sandra Corallo for organizing this,Benoît for having this idea and all the drawers for having this great weekend together!

weekend drawing class march 2012

me and pierre rive

me and maxime

those drawings are made working together simultaneously with another draftsman/woman; this was too an awesome exercise to let the room for the other to draw, respect even when your own lines are changed--- not easy, but in the end you never want to draw alone again :)

weekend drawing class march 2012_dancing pics

pierre rive

this was probably the most fun exercise, we were drawing each other standing face to face, holding the paper head high on one arm to let the other draw your portrait on it, but not difficult enough, agnes put some hot music on so we danced while drawing! crazy and so much fun

weekend drawing class march 2012_portraits

another hilarious exercise to draw each other upside down, the result when you turn the picture around is surprising

weekend drawing class march 2012

some of those drawings are made under experimental circumstances... drawing in the dark, drawing stretched out on the belly while drawing

weekend drawing class march 2012_Serie portrait

3 portraits , done in using the first one to inspire the next one and then using the second one to create the third drawing